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Full Circle

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If any trumpeter in the world ever needed inspiration to get back in the practice room and improve, Wayne’s new “FULL CIRCLE” CD is the item you need to get moving. I suppose some will want to sell or throw away their horn, too! There are a great many superb players in our world but Wayne has found a voice of his own that sets him apart from everyone. His chops are just hard to believe. Such power, accuracy, and sound quality. Whew! I know of no one else that compares. You MUST buy this CD…and then go GET BETTER!
— Bobby Shew, legendary jazz trumpeter and educator
Full Circle is the third Wayne Bergeron CD that I have co-produced, and I must say, Wayne’s best effort to date. Wayne’s growth has exploded over the past 10 years in every aspect. While Wayne characteristically hoists huge upper register notes, his lower register sound is just as big and sensitive. Wayne’s musicianship, jazz playing, harmonic creativity, and musical expression make him a natural phenomenon. It’s been a joy to be associated with this epic CD.
— Gary Grant, LA studio legend and producer



  1. Bernie's Journey (7:11)
  2. Seasoned Traveler (6:23)
  3. Jig (7:09)
  4. Theme from Chinatown (6:24)
  5. Full Circle (5:41)
  6. A Pair of Aces (6:13)
  7. Body and Soul (6:04)
  8. Wayn-ology (5:31)
  9. First Impression (6:56)
  10. A Bone to Pick (4:22)
  11. James Bond Medley (8:00)



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