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Plays Well With Others- Audio CD

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Plays Well With Others- Audio CD

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Release Date: January 9, 2007

Duration: 01:03:15

Track Listing:

1. Endless Torture
2. Maynard & Waynard
3. Scheherazade
4. You Go to My Head
5. Georgia
6. Samba Brassiliero
7. High Clouds and a Good Chance of Wayne
8. Requiems
9. You Hid What in the Sousaphone?
10. The Hipster

The "report card on trumpeter Wayne Bergeron is accurate—he definitely Plays Well with Others. While that alone would be enough to endorse Bergeron's second album as leader of his own big band, it is only one aspect of a superlative studio date on which the "others include a number of the Los Angeles area's busiest and most talented studio musicians and sidemen.

The ensemble is sharp and congenial, the charts amiable and inventive, the soloists resourceful and impressive. And to ice the cake, there's a guest appearance by Bergeron's idol and role model, the incomparable Maynard Ferguson, who jousts earnestly with the leader on Gordon Goodwin's playful "Maynard and Waynard. It's no accident that Bergeron's nickname is Waynard, as he is the heir-apparent to Ferguson, the undisputed "Monarch of the High C's for more than half a century before his passing in August '06...

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